IPB Registration
(Intelligent Preparation of the Battlespace Registration)

· Sole designer/programmer for the Registration project – a sub-project of IPB, a sub-project of TCTF.
· Provided a means for intel officers to subscribe to tactical information updates of a specified nature inside an area specified through the use of an external map library.
· Saved a subscription to a Sybase database with a Spatial Query Server (SQS) wrapper to handle the map area shapes.
· Improved project setup standardization for the IPB project. Similar to the process for the improvement of the UI framework project setup, what existed was inadequate and difficult to manage. One of their mistakes was having a customized properties file checked in to version control, rather than a common or stubbed properties file. That ensure it would only work for one developer. I moved their “config/data” directories into common places – places guaranteed to exist, since the ui Framework used them, and formulated a properties file that could be checked in and would always work for all developers. And of course, provided detailed instructions for setup.